24-03-2009 Pisan New Year 2010

At winter solstice – being on 25th December at the time – the triumph of light over darkness was celebrated as the daylight hours began to get longer. The Christian church then converted this Pagan festival into a Christian feast-day, celebrating Jesus Christ’s birth on the same date.

Since X century, Pisans, decided that the beginning of the year would fall on Annunciation day (the feast celebrating Jesus Incarnation), that is nine months before 25th December. That is how the Anno Pisano ab Incarnatione Domini (o Christi), was created, starting nine months and five days before our solar calendar. 25th March was thus the first day of the new sun year ending the following 24th March. The first document in Pisan style is dated 985 a.C.

To celebrate this festival, the Hostaria Le Repubbliche Marinare arranges a fancy dress dinner every year. A charming and unique atmosphere combined with a special theme menu will send all our guests go back in time.